Mode Plus Series

In january 2011 I started with  a new series called:  Mode Plus Series™. These series are principally to celebrate the diversity of beauty within the plus size community. There's not one perfect size or not one perfect style. It is not restricted to a certain age. These series embrace all kind and types of women. They all share the inner acceptance of one-self. Enjoying the life, the body, the mind you have at this moment. Please also read my Disclaimer. 

If you would like to be considered for the series, send me an email: modeplus.nl@gmail.com

These series aime to portray all kind of women, whatever their body type, age, social status or race. I chose this title because I wanted to show particularly women within the plus size community. But foremost I want to show the diversity of feminine beauty. Yes, I do target the full figured woman, but it doesn't mean only full figured women are beautiful. To my belief: we are all beautiful, no matter our size, race, age or cultural background. I hope by featuring different types of women, young or old, we as a blogging (plus size) community will not exclude anyone. 

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