woensdag 11 november 2015

STYLE | Suedette Skirt Collage

As usual I'm browsing on the internet, looking for inspiration. My favorite site is still New Look Inspire, their fitting just goes with my plussize body. Anyhow, with the 70's trend all over the autumn runways, how can you not have something (faux) suede in your wardrobe?! It will be too hot for the weather in the Caribbean (unless you are walking form airconditioned room to AC rooms) I am not, so I'll skip. But next year I will be moving back to the Netherlands, so I'm already planning my winter gear. One more excuse to shop, right? This suede trend will be a staple in my winter closet. I can picture it already, cozy knits and sleek suede materials. 

See how bloggers are rocking "la jupe en suedette"

Source image Big or not to Big blog  
Source image Violette 
Source image Cloversdain

How about you? Rocking this suede trend or nah?! 

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