woensdag 2 september 2015

STYLE | All White With Jord Watches At Saint Tropez Curacao

September has come. And for most of you summer is coming to an end. Stores are filling their clothes rack with fall fashion pieces. But at Curacao, september is known to be one of the hottest months of the year. Hopefully you get to catch the last rays of sun to showcase your summer fashion items before fall dawns over you. 

Accessorize yourself 
I'm slowly adjusting to this Caribbean weather, adapting my wardrobe to the humidity and the heat. So, I'm big on accessorizing now and not so on having a big collection of clothing. I keep my base fairly minimal. In this look I choose for a cool, all white ensemble. Perfect in this jet set setting. To add some pizazz, I chose for this classic men's wooden watch from Jord watches. A simple design - my minimal self is loving it - yet enough character to spice up my basic look. 'Cause who wants to be boring. Exactly, absolutely no one. 

Me, myself and JORD 

Thanks to Saskia of Fab and Luxury Curves for being my photographer this day. She really captured the laid-back feel of this location. Many thanks to Saint Tropez Oceanclub for their hospitality. 

Sleeveless Jacket by New Look Inspire 
White Denim by Zizzi Fashion
Necklace by Tash 
White Top by H&M
Brogues by Even & Odd @Zalando 

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