woensdag 19 augustus 2015

STYLE | Mixing Prints Series (Beginner Friendly)

I don't know about you. But when it comes to mixing anything than black and white, I get lost and mostly confused. I can admire fashionista's for hours who have this trend on lock down. It's so playful and if done the right way, just effortfully chic.  

I've assembled some tips for myself to try. Today I'm sharing one with you. My ultimate goal is to mix 3 prints in different color hues. I know very ambitious for a black&white wearer, but hey, I have to push myself or otherwise I'll never get out of this monochrome box. Enough rambling, let's get started shall we?

Step1: Choose a color palette 
For those of you still wondering what a color palette is?
That's just different hues (shades of color) that combine beautifully together. Without getting to technical - remember, this is beginner friendly - just hop on Pinterest and get pinning. Here are some of my favorites boards to get inspiration: Design Seeds,  Pantone Color 
I gravitate to neutral colors or my staple monochrome palette. Just because I find it communicates a lot in it's simplicity. By practicing with my trusty black&white, I get more comfortable with the idea of mixing prints and patterns. 

Next wednesday: step 2 of Mixing Prints Series 

STYLE | Mixing Prints Monochrome

What is your go-to color palette?

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