woensdag 12 augustus 2015

STYLE | Building Your Capsule Wardrobe With Style Sudoku By Suzie

I'm excited to share this post with you because I really think it will help those of you struggling to create a capsule wardrobe. Basically, Style Sudoku uses a template which incorporates tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories. I used it in my polyvore account to create these three capsule wardrobes. Read the templates like a puzzle: 

From left to right

Style Sudoku #1

From top to bottom

What I really like is the #10looksin1 outcome of this style sudoku. Three sudoku's mean a month full of optional outfits without the stress of having nothing to wear. Unfortunately,  Suzie states the sudoku doesn't include dresses (read: jackets, kimono, jumpsuits, basically any item that can pass as top & bottom simultaneously). But that doesn't mean you can't plan them in your sudoku. Just make sure when you read the template, your pieces are mixable. 

How do you organize your capsule closet?
Is this Style Sudoku an option for you to try?
TAG your creations on Instagram with #10looksin1 for me to see them.

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