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TECH | How To Create A You Tube Routine

This year as I'm exploring a more minimalist lifestyle , I find myself longing more and more to structure and consistency. This longing definitely applies to my blogging/vlogging channel. I start with a routine, till I for some reason stop following the same routine I created.
Well, now it's time to tackle this giant by the source, n'est pas? 

I've asked on some online platforms what other you tube channels are doing right, to keep up with a consistent upload scheme. Here are some tips I've received:

1. Be a realist 
Yes, I know we all want the glam lights, 
the frequent uploading, the nice background - 
but hey, we got a real life situation happening too. 
I guess if  you're a you tuber like me,
you definitely love the creativity but don't live off it. 
Like most of you, I work fulltime 
(update:yes, I've stopped being a fulltime freelancer. 
The lack of paying projects was too stressful), 
I rent a house, I have a dog, I'm married. 
Bottomline: we are busy folk.

So, with this in mind if it means 
you have just time to upload 
just once a week or twice a month, 
than it is what it is.

Better one quality rich filled video than not one at all.
source image 

2. Have an order 
It makes sense when you stop and think about it.
If nature works with a certain order, why shouldn't we?
I mean the moon never rises or sets, 
that's the order of the sun. Makes perfect common logic.
The same with our You Tube channel.
source image 

Now that you've decided to 
the amount of video's you want to upload, 
you should stick to a certain order.
By this, I mean an order of themes
what kind of video's do you want to put out there? 

One great tip was to write down all your ideas. 
I suggest even to make a storyboard 
with camera angle and all. 
It really helps with cutting time in the edit room. 
After knowing your topics, choose the order 
you want them to get online.

I'm thinking of uploading once a week, 
which will mean 4 video's per month. 
So I opted to have 2 main topics: Style & Beauty. 
Every month I'll make two content 
video's on Style and two on Beauty. 
To make my order visible, 
I'll make an editorial calendar 
each month filling in the main topics 
with ideas and possible story boards.
As a bonus, I can add an event vlog if there is one.
3. Just do it
That day someone in 
the creative team of Nike invented this slogan, 
was a breakthrough for many of us procrastinators.
No more excuses, just go and do it.
source image 

You need this step to actually 
re-evaluate your upload scheme. 
Is it working for you? 
Have you been realistic in your expectations? 
I suggest taking a month to try out your plan. 
Adjust where you need to 
and adapt to your personal situation. 
Why not tell your audience 
that you're in a upload journey? 
I know I'm intending to do so. 

What are some tips you can 
give on this topic?
Let's chit chat ...

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