woensdag 15 juli 2015

STYLE | Stay Classy, Sassy & A Bit Bad Assy

If only I could go back in time and tell my 20+ self this quote.
Especially, the sassy and bad assy part. I wasted so much time worrying about other people's opinion on my body and what I wore. I look back now and wished I could slap myself into reality. Well, maybe not slap but give myself a gentle nudge. 
Nah, this post is not about disregarding those insecure years and lack of self-love. The truth is without her I wouldn't be standing here in my bikini top, size 3XL on the freaking internet. Without her there wouldn't be a Mode Plus blog. She paved the way to the road of self discovery. So thank you, 20 year old Nefferth, you made me to become this sassy, sometimes bad assy 30 something. Stephan, my hubby can confirm. Right babe?! 

Ladies, please don't be hard on yourself.  Take it one day at a time. Knowing that the journey is more relevant than the outcome. 

Mucho love,

All photcredit to the lovely and gorgeous Saskia @fabandluxury 

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I loved your pants. They are actually looking sassy and classy. I'm also a plus size woman. I love trendy and sexy clothes too.

    1. Joggers are the best. Easy to spice up or down. Thnx for commenting!

  2. Wow, classy sassy bad ass neffi,
    You said it so well!
    you look amazing sweetie!


    1. Hahaha, Ja liefie, jij bedankt voor Ilke killer foto's. Love u 😘

  3. Whoop whoop..! Love it from top till toe <3
    I just can't get over your combos. I would never ever mix my outfit with that hairband. My -o let's keep on matching- mind just does't let me. Keep rocking it! xx

    1. ThnxJosine! Been there too, in time your style will evolve so who knows one day you'll be the remix queen. Remember I told you first ;d


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