woensdag 24 juni 2015

STYLE | Black & White On The Church Steps

Hello my loves. It has been a good while. 
But I'm back with a renewed spirit and a new post schedule.
These couple of months have been a roller coaster.
Great things and sad things happening all at once.
Realizing how blessed of a life I get to live each day. 
These pictures we're taken on Fathersday.

My first without my dad (he passed unexpectedly last April). 
It was such a special way of celebrating this day though, 
by spending time with my friend, fashion blogger Saskia.
She also recently lost her dad and just by coincidence we 
we're together in the same place at the same time. 
She took these beautiful pics 
when we went road tripping 
on the west part of the island, 
called Westpunt.
Here we we're in "Williwood" and 
decided to take some pictures 
in front the many catholic churches, Curacao has.
Top | YOEK 
Shape Shorts | Miss Etam
Sandals | H&M Divided
Mirrored Specs | Local store
How did you spend your Father's day?

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