woensdag 25 maart 2015


I've been exploring the minimal lifestyle and let me tell you it's not an easy route to follow. One of my main target area's is my closet. Trust me, I've attempted to tame this closet beast for some time now without any longterm results. Raise your hand if you ever found yourself like Kim K? Looking fab in your outfit while neglecting the closet monster behind you? 
I know I have, many many times. 
But no more living in denial. Facing this head strong and determined with the help of blogger Jill. She has an archive filled with #9pieces9outfits moodboards for your inspiration. So this April, I'm challenging my closet monster by decluttering my wardrobe. And pre-planning my looks. This is my plan.
Organized - Serene - Practical 
Just like Nina of Stylizimo Blog

Create an archive system based on Jill's format
For example, 3x pants, 3x tops and 2x outerwear. 
All items from Dutch brand MS Mode

Follow with categorizing your looks in life themes.
Think work, play, casual, formal and so on. 
Finish with combining color schemes & prints.
Think monochromatic, complimentary, analogous etc...

Want to join me on Instagram with this project in April?
Just use #9pieces9outfits for me to find you online.

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