zondag 21 december 2014

OUTFIT | Monochrome Kimono By Monki

I'm a huge fan of Scandinavian brands. Why you say?
As I'm re-styling my wardrobe, I want to borrow more of the scandinavian simplicity. In a society where the more we have, the better we tend to feel. I do believe that the new attitude should be: "less is more." 
That is what Scandinavians do best.

1. The beauty of simplicity 
No one does simple chic like the Scandinavians. 
One of my favorite bloggers is Therese of Scandinavian Simplicity
 I've never seen another population do shabby chic this well. It looks like no effort has been done but I suspect them of secretly attending the school of casual chic. If I'm wrong, please I need to know your secret. Today?!
2. Plussize friendly 
I've always had luck with finding clothes that fit my plussize frame in the straight size department. This was far before plussize brands started popping out of the ground like sweet potatoes. Scandinavian brands like COS and Monki do not necessarily cater to the plussize fashionista but their fit is flattering for our body type. You may have to search, but trust me: thou shall find

3. More bang for your buck 
Who has not felt the economical crisis in their wallet?
And yes, in their wardrobe budget? I know, I did and still do.
I'm always rethinking if I really need that new pair of jeans.
Or if I really love that jumper?
So when I can get a sweet deal and wear the item after more than ten wash cycles, without it looking like a piece of dry rug, I'm a happy girl. For the most part, Scandinavian brands will give you a reasonable quality versus price equation. I usually am able to wear my not-so-expensive brands a whole season long, which I find good value for the price you pay. 
Kimono Cardigan | Monki
Top | Zizzi 
Legging | ASOS Curve 
Specs | Studio Appel67
Slip-On | Monki 

Which population is your fashion inspiration?

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