woensdag 26 november 2014

LIFE | Carpe Diem 2.0

It's been a while and yes I've been busy working, connecting, exploring, adapting. After 20 years of Dutch customs, you just don't automatically go into the Caribbean flow. At least, I didn't ... Regardless, I'm enjoying every single minute of it and really learning to carpe diem more. 

Carpe Diem 2.0 means to me, living in the moment - using the technology to get connected. I know many of us find social media anti-social. In a way it can be, but in my opinion used in combination with the offline world, it can bring a world of enrichment. Just look at me now here in Curacao. This adventure started on the web and now I'm here offline connecting with the same party I was chatting to a few weeks ago. Carpe Diem 2.0 is about seizing the day in balance. Tapping into your resources to get a step closer to your goal.  The challenge is to focus on the day and not worry too much about tomorrow. 

To know more about my styling work and adventures on Curacao, you can follow me:
Instagram: @stylesquadonline 
Facebook: facebook.com/stylesquad 

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