donderdag 23 oktober 2014

LIFE | If You Never Try You'll Never Know

How 7 little words can carry such a deep truth.
On Instagram I shared that I had some exciting news.
At least, it is exciting for me and my hubby/family/friends.
Enfin, let's get right into it. 
I got offered two opportunities in Curacao. 
One is an educational position. Mostly helping school principals find solutions for their pedagogical problems. Which will mean coaching a team of aspiring teachers to specific institutional goals. 
Secondly I'm starting a styling project called Style Squad. In collaboration with one of the biggest lifestyle/fashion magazines on the island and local entrepeneurs/MUA/hairstylists, I'm creating a platform where we'll cater to the curvy/plussize Caribbean woman. I'm so excited for Style Squad because it will give Caribbean talent to showcase their stuff to a bigger online audience. 
So this being said: I'm leaving (or already left) to live for an indefinite time in Curacao. My hubby will be staying in the Netherlands till we figure out how to combine these amazing opportunities with our lives. I'm so blessed to have such a great supporter in him. He is truly my best friend
Love ya, babe!

Everything is going to be a discovery this couple of weeks/months. I'm not sure how I will juggle my blog and all of the other cool projects. But I'll never know if I don't try.
See you across the Atlantic.

Much love,
Nefferth @Mode_Plus

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