dinsdag 30 september 2014

30 PLUSSTYLE | The $30 challenge Mad For Plaid

Nothing screams nineties than the pattern Plaid for me. I was in my late teens, Senior at highschool and couldn't wait to leave the nest. Smells like teen spirit was blasting off my walkman (yup, I'm that ancient) my head filled with dreams. Plaid shirts, ripped jeans, messy hair and combat boots were my staples back in the day. 
So doing this 30PlusStyle challenge was a little down memory lane for me.  

Task: Create a look with Plaid under $30/€23
Outcome: a grown up version of my 90s staple outfit with a touch of feminine

This outfit (without the jacket,sandals & denim) cost me €16.
I suggest going to your local thriftshop or vintage store to find biker jackets, denim and of course plaid shirts. I got mine at a budget store Zeeman - you could compare it with a small version of Walmart - the shirt is from the men's department. I often look at men's clothing to get some variation in my look. The black denim I got years ago at New Look (Inspire) and I just cut some rips in the jeans to make it more "now". Finished the look with minimal sandals I got in Curacao. 

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  1. Fantastic trip down memory lane Neff, you look rocker chic!!!


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