zondag 10 augustus 2014

Sunday Post 23 | When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

I used this Marilyn Monroe moment picture to open my Sunday post because it reflects for me how unpredictable life can be. How inconvenient that can feel. But also how we approach this spontaneity of life. Either we put on a sour face or we make lemonade. 

Believe me I look like I'm all smiles and giggles here but after a long day of work, tired feet and starving, I wasn't appreciating this wind insisting on showing my boom boom to the world. 
Let's just say, I wasn't into this type of lemon today. 

That is exactly how I can feel about life/situations/people sometimes. Expecting something and getting a more sour deal than you asked for or even deserve. Not getting that promotion after working your butt off. Failing that test again and again, even with hours of study. We all get lemons in our lifetime. I guess that is what life does and wants us to react. 

The logical way is to indeed respond to the disappointment. 
 I mean lemons are bitter, what else could you expect. 
But is it when we stay in that place of disillusion, things around us really start getting gloomy. Feeling like no way out. On repeat to the same *ish over and over? 
Am I hitting a nerve somewhere?!  

Various times I've stayed too long with my lemons. And you know what, it did not bring me anything but rot. I realized I wasn't moving forward. At least when there was movement, I was experiencing the bitter and the sweet of life. Now by standing still, I was just focusing on the negativity. So naturally in able to move, I had to shift my focus. I had to start looking around the lemons. I had to start exploring other options. Other ways maybe not my typical route but still helping me to get out of that funky lemon smell.

How do you deal with your lemons in life?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Tu es super,j adore le coups de vent en tout cas :o)

    Bonne semaine !

  2. well babe,
    i try to relativate. I'm swimming in lemon juice for the moment and i'm just trying to stay positive. Try the find the good things in life that make up for the bad things. Like you I always wait to long to squize the lemon, but I think that's also a quality. At least you always try whatever happens. After a shitty day, just look in the mirror and watch that marvellous girl so many admire and must be loved I have no doubt. Don't hesitate to talk, that helps too for me ;-)
    Hang in there babe after the bitterness, sweetness must take over
    Big kisses
    ps love the marilyn piccie xxxxx


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