dinsdag 5 augustus 2014

OUTFIT | Zizzi Blogger Event Copenhagen

So I'm back after a very busy and hectic July. 
But stoked to share all my experiences and outfits with you in August. 
You ready? Leggo ...

Finding your own style, that is the question.
 Not an easy task but if you decide to take on the adventure than this journey can become a meaningful and insightful path. Let me explain: look at me, style blogger since 2010. You would think I was set in my personal style.
Even I can get style anxious, not knowing what to wear. 
The common solution is to take a piece (or more pieces) I love and mix them, 
so I try to create something new but still having a familiar touch. 

Do you recognize this Zizzi Fashion tube skirt? I wore it here
For this blogger event I wanted something familiar, hence the skirt, but still create a new look.
So I stayed true to my comfort chic esthetique and chose these sneakers. 
Looking put together, Nefferth style with a little challenge by wearing trainers to an event.

Top | H&M 
Skirt | Zizzi Fashion 
Sneakers | Even&Odd

How do you find your style?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I love that this look is simple yet chic and those sunglasses are EVERYTHING!! Also, Is it possible that a person's style could just be an eclectic mixture of different styles? I have tried to define myself but don't seem to fit in any category.

    1. I do think that it is possible to mix styles. And also it depends on the mood/situation you are in.


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