dinsdag 12 augustus 2014

EVENT | Zizzi Fashion Event Copenhagen

What can I tell you about Zizzi Fashion event in Copenhagen? It was amazing - just check my video - and inspiring to see a brand take chances in the plussize fashionworld. Goodbye to grandma pants, big kaftans and all that old fashioned non flattering garments. 
Hello to Zizzi's credo : "Fashion has no size" 
Daring to take a step outside of the box.
By March 15th Zizzi will introduce a capsule collection "Wardrobe of Wonders" (W.O.W) 
exploring boxy silhouettes with graphic sharp cuts. 
This collection targets the trendsetting curvy fashion lover out there. "Holla!!"
wardrobe of wonders, pink

Another favorite was the sporty minimalism collection 
which will be launching for their SS15 campaign. 
Sporty details in a monochrome palette in black, white and grey. 
The oomph factor is added by 
pops of color in neon yellow and orange. 
This is a collection you can easily style up or down. 
Wear them with heels or stroll away in your sneakers. 

Denise bidot
Sharon Dumfries
Denise Bidot

Aaargh, I can't. I kid you not I want every piece. 
Every one -she says in a gollum voice - my precious ....

So what are your thougths ladies?
Going Gollum like me?

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