woensdag 20 augustus 2014

30 Plus Style | Trending Dresses Over Pants

Task: Skirt (or dress) over pants
Outcome: Teal dress with white denim, 
inspired by the color palette of Maxmara Resort Collection 2014

Here we are again ladies. Trying out a new trend and featuring another fabulous 30PlusStyle blogger Els from XL Fashionfile. In this post is it all about layering but not in the usual way. Think fancy skirts over trousers just like Emma Watson on the red carpet. 

Ahum, not very practical but sure a fun way to express yourself. Of course, I've customized the trend to my wishes and wardrobe. You must never let a trend rule your style or blow your budget. In stead of a fancy skirt, I chose a basic classic dress but with a non classic color. I wanted to keep my look put together yet flexible enough to be on the run. In my case hopping on trains and tramways to clients. Meeting in and meeting out. On the go but polished look. 
30 plus style
Denim | H&M+
Scarf | Hema
Teal Dress | DIY 
Sneakers | Le Coq Sportif 
le coq sportif

Dress 30 plus style Teal

Make sure to check out the 30PlusStyle bloggers with their version of the Skirt Over Pants (S.O.P).
And don't forget our guest blogger of this month:
Just like Els, you can share your 30plusstyle as a guest blogger. Email us on: 30plusstylecollab@gmail.com

Is this a trend I would retry? Probably not. 
But it was sure fun to test the waters.
How about you? 
Would you go S.O.P? 
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6 opmerkingen:

  1. You look adorable! Your right it's probably nothing that I would try again! But I love the way you owned this sporty chic look! Great job!

  2. Love this look on you! You make it look so fun. And yes not something I would wear in my everyday life.

    1. Couldn't agree more.This one is for the runway and red carpets.

  3. Totally love the color of the dress and the FAB sneakers added Neff! I don't think this is 'everyday' for me either, but I definitely want to try it again ;)

    1. It's sure fun to experiment with the concept but like in a more formal setting. Thnx Joi!


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