zondag 22 juni 2014

OUTFIT | Red Sleeveless Blazer & White Skinny Jeans

Fashion says "me too", style says "only me." 
"Create your own style ... 
Let it be unique for yourself & 
yet identifiable for others."  Anna Wintour 
Sleeveless Blazer - Vintage Per Kilo
Skinny Jeans - 
Pumps - Chie Mihara 
Shoulder Bag - Gift
Top - Primark
I totally agree with Anna, except for the identifiable part.
Let me explain: for years I've followed many fashion rules.
- don't wear horizontal stripes 
it makes you look larger than you are
- stay away from white 
- befriend all A-line shapes 
and so on. 
I did this to fit in, to not be visible.
I thought if I blend in with the crowd, 
I would be less likely to be picked on. 
For some time, it worked perfectly for me. 
Till I started really paying attention 
to my inner voice and my needs.
Conclusion?! I was unhappy. I felt restraint.
I wasn't showing my heart through my fashion. 
Hence: the emotionsista credo was born. 
These past 5 years I've been on a journey.
A journey to stand still. To stay close to my heart.
To really listen. 
This means I will not be  a people pleaser.
I will get noticed, because I'm not blendable.
But I will feel free. 
Free to be my own.
Free to wear what I like. 
Free to play with fashion.
Free to create my own style.  

How about you? 
What do you think of Anna Wintour's quote?

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I LOVE it Neff! Be FREE to be YOU!
    P.S. This was also an awesome reminder that I need to replace my white skinnies

    1. Yes Joi, words so easy yet so hard to really practice in real life. We limit ourselves so much.

  2. Wit staat je zo goed meid! Love the whole outfit! xx



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