maandag 30 juni 2014

OUTFIT RECAP | Choosing Your Style

And style is what you choose.' - Lauren Hutton

Choosing a style that reflects who you are, 
what you feel and where you are going 
as a woman is not easy. 
I'm still redefing my style
 - meaning redefing my wardrobe - as I go.
Over the years, I've assembled tips,
to help me determine some guidelines.
 Know Your Body
Just take a good look in the mirror.
Know where your bumps and lumps are.
Not to hide them, but to flatter them at your best ability.  
I'm a firm believer of working with what you got now, 
to make way for a better self. 

Play With Fashion
You'll never know what will look good on you, 
if you don't try new things.  
So, go shopping at places you'll never enter, 
because you think nothing will fit.  
Approach fashion with an open mind, 
and be ready to get inspired.
And yes, it is okay to brake the fashion rules. 

Invest In A Solid Foundation
It may cost some euros extra, but having
 proper undergarments will do so much for your silhouette. 
Take a Saturday off with your friend 
and go try out the variety of lingerie options out there. 
From sexy frocks to minimal shape wear.
Choose whatever works for you. 

Take Your Time
Rome was not build in a day.
Finding the right fit to your personal style, 
will not happen overnight. 
Good things come with trial and error.
Just remember to have fun through the process. 

How do you define your style?

8 opmerkingen:

  1. I love all the looks and style. You look fabulous !!!

  2. These are really good tips. One issue I have about finding my style is having a consistent look? I feel like many bloggers/people have a consistent look across their entire wardrobe such as Ellie from rose and vintage wears lots of mustard and often mixes floral patterns or wild figg from tumblr has a very minimalist, modern, monochrome + clean lines sort of look. But gahhh finding style is hard.

    1. It sure is. Give it some time and you know it is like wine, the more years you give it to ripe the better. Just stick to what you know now and grow from there. Good luck!

  3. You so right about the underwear, bad fitting pants or bra can ruin a whole look

  4. Really happy to have come across this article! Very well written with a great selection of personal style pics. I like the silhouettes, cuts, colors you have chosen plus the hairstyle, make up and glasses! Its hard for me to define my style: I am an emotional dresser, and so dress the way I feel on that particular day. I dont tend to find what I want on the High St, so I get a lot of my clothes from vintage shops. At the moment right now, I am in love with 50s inspired dresses and skirts, lots of bold print, colours, bright jewellery, jumpsuits...

  5. Lovely post, I feel like I'm still defining my style. It's definitely a lot different than it used to be thats for sure!



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