maandag 2 juni 2014

OUTFIT | Monochrome With Monki

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Dress - Jacket | Monki 
Slip on - Necklaces | H&M 

I love fashion but I also love comfort. 
You won't see me having distress just for a pair of heels easily.
 I want pieces that fit and support my curves comfortably. 
As a fashion blogger and stylist I'm always out and about.
Running from here to there. Standing hours on my feet.
So my attire must be shifting with whatever activity is planned on the day. 
On the other hand, I have to look presentable too.
No jogging pants and slippers - or can we make this a trend?-  
For this outfit I kept my look simple, with minimal accessories and a monochrome palette.
Casual, easy yet presentable. 

What is your definition of presentable comfort ?

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