woensdag 18 juni 2014

I Got Dreams To Remember

Time passed by so fast. 
Remember when I shared my joy of getting into Fashion Academy
I was so busy, I was thinking to delete my blog. I'm glad I didn't.

Well, last monday was my final project. I'm just waiting fot the results now. Fingers crossed I pass this year with sufficient grades. In the meantime, this Fashion adventure just comfirmed my vision to make women with curves look more beautiful and chic. I've learned I have to stick to my vision and just do it. Honestly, in real life, just doing it is more complicated than you think. Especially when you have to pay the bills , make sure there is some kind of food on the table. Chasing for your dreams, is not an easy road to follow.

Nevertherless, I'm choosing to follow my dreams and making them reality.
Not sure how exactly, but I'm creating and putting my talent on display.
Naturally I feel more attracted to the background roles, which is contradictory with my work choices. 
Just to name a few: teacher, manager, head coach and yes, blogger. 
All these roles expect of me to be visible. 
I guess I've always been pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 
This attitude really helped me to broaden my horizon.
I met wonderful, creative people. 
So even though I don't see where my path is leading me,
I will continue to do, to be.

What dreams are you making reality?

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Love this post Neff! We must not forget our dreams! Your sentiments touch close to home for me, I am aiming to make my dreams a reality!

    1. Thanx Joi. It's not easy to share yourself like this - at least not for me - but it helps to read that you are not the only one.

  2. Seeing your visions journey into reality convinced me not to neglect my own. I have placed mine on hold because of family and other obligations. Just taking a step toward the goal is worth the effort.

    1. Robin, every little action towards your dream is an active action in realisation. The fast pace of our society makes us want to run but sometimes it is good to just walk slowly and make small steps towards your goal. Good luck!

  3. Good luck Nef. You are on the right pad....

  4. I'm also glad you didn't delete your post :)


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