vrijdag 6 juni 2014

EVENT | ROCCO Eyewear Amsterdam

One of the perks of being a styleblogger is to be able 
to attend events and see or speak with the brand team in person. 
That is so much more satisfying than gazing at a downloadable press kit.
So today I'm taking you to ROCCO eyewear world.
Promo Eyewear

 We we're spoiled with cotton candy, bubbles, 
good music, mini hotdogs and more. 
It felt like a festival just indoors. 
Through all of this fun I got to have a quick chat with a brand team member.
Sunglasses Women

Me:  Why the comback?
Rocco: An icon eyewear (see the model I'm wearing with the red frames?) from the sixties, we grew big and just went away for a while. Now we are back with the vintage look enhanced with modern and fresh vibe of now. 

Me: Who is your target group?
Rocco: We aim for the young, free spirit 20 somethings. 
But due to our design we realize we appeal to a much greater group. 

Me: Any plans to branch out Rocco? 
Rocco: For now we are dedicated to bring you cool and colorful designs in eyewear.

Event Amsterdam Maison PR
Eyewear Sunglasses New
Eyewear Sunglasses red
I leave you, hoping you have a great weekend.
Finally we are having warm summer days in the Netherlands.
Planning to get out and about, soak up some sun rays. 
If only I can find my Rocco sunnies? 
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PS : Pictures courtesy of my fellow blogger Saskia of Fabluxury&Curves.
Check her out!

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  1. Ik kon er jammer genoeg niet bij zijn. Ziet er echt super gezellig uit allemaal!! xx

    1. Dat was het ook Trudy! Ze hebben het zonnige weer/gevoel naar binnen gebracht :)


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