maandag 5 mei 2014

Trend Alert | Sheer For Spring 2014

Last time I talked about the crop top trend. On my facebook page you we're divided. 
Some of you loved it, others thought it was again much of the same old stuff. 
Just another fashion thing but with a new name. 
I can relate to that feeling. 
Back in the 90s you saw many fashionista's with exposed ,  
pierced bellybuttons (including moi - Toni Braxton was my idol child!
Remember her scolding Dr Dre in "Just be a man about it"?
source image 
But I digress. Fashion can only reinvent itself, 
so I have another Spring trend for you today. 

 Images of elle.com, showing designers mixing sport elements and sheer. 

Bloggers wearing sheer bottoms or tops
I decided to try the sheer trend with my Zizzi top, 
some skinny jeans and open toe heels. 
zizzi fashion
zizzi fashion

zizzi fashion

zizzi fashion
Is this a trend you are loving? 
Tell me what you think.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. A great look on you. Love that top and the shoes!

  2. Top yes! Bottom no :( Staat je geweldig x

    1. Oh en met bottom bedoel ik de doorzichtige rokken, niet je jeans natuurlijk :)

    2. Hahaha! Thnx Els. Ik snap m.

  3. yeah! i had to double check and double click when i saw you posting toni braxton! mann was she ever an idol of mine. and hell yes i remeber her scolind dr. dre! she was bad ass! haha and yeah you are right about fashion reinventing itself! you look stunning in this sheer top darlin! absolutely love it!



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