woensdag 21 mei 2014

OUTFIT | Wide Trousers & Sheer Crop Top

About a month a ago, Forever21 had a big store opening in Amsterdam. All curvy, chubby Dutchies we're waiting with great anticipation, including me. Okay, I'm not a fervent F21 shopper, but any store who carries a plussize section that seems a little fashion foward friendly is worth trying. I kid you not in the lack of stores avalaible for full figured fashion lovers living in the Netherlands. Anyway, I guess the F21 wanted to give us all a big surprise. Because guess what, in the whole department store, there was no plussize anywhere to be found. Assuming, I don't know, they forgot. Or maybe in the Netherlands we are not suppposed to look great when plussize? Whatever the reason, it -how to put this nicely- SUCKED. There goes a chance to cater to a group who is mostly overlooked when it comes to cute fashion. Ah well, I guess I'll have to speed up my own clothing line.

Trousers | Forever21 (plussize section)
Bag | Monki
Top | Zara
Bracelets | Nomi by Naomi
How is your plussize shopping 
experience in your city/country?

Absent or overflowing with great options?
Let me know!

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