vrijdag 23 mei 2014

OUTFIT | White Pleated Skirt & Faux Leather Top

Top | Generous by Lindex
Skirt | Vintage Per Kilo
Slipon - Bag | H&M 

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful." 
Sophia Loren 

It sounds so simple right?!
But we all know how difficult this statement can be.
Especially if you have a history of bullying siblings.
Or derogatory remarks on the way you look. 
And maybe the most arduous of it all is the double standard in the beauty industry. 
Curly is beautiful as long you fit into the fluffy kind.
Curvy is beautiful as long as you have a tiny waist and flat stomach.
Brown skinned is beautiful as long you stay in the lighter side of the color spectrum. 
Your own style is beautiful as long as you follow the fashion rules. 
Try sustaining the belief in your own beauty standards in this ambigituity. 

Like everybody else, I am human. 
I'll advocate Sophia Lauren's statement every single day of my life. 
But I have my good days, where I feel strong and say F* to all haters.
And there are days that a comment can creep inside. 
Or a look 'what is SHE wearing?' can affect my state of mind too. 
The only difference is, now that I'm in my late 30s, I just know that I decide if these words
define me as a woman. I can choose to surround myself with negativity.
Or I can choose to have positive minded people around me. 
Who let me be, me in whatever state.
Who will give me advice I can use.
Who support me.  
Who inspire me to be the best woman I can be.
How is your belief in your own beauty standards?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Love how you rock this outfit!
    Haters will always be there.
    They only hate for 3 reasons:
    They either see you as a threat, they hate themselves or they wanna be YOU :)

    You look good, but you don't need me to tell you that!

    Love Saskia

  2. je suis pour ma part une grosse complexee soit disont que je fais au mieux avec se que j ai et suivant mes humeurs...

    en tout cas jolie tenue ;o)

    bon w end !


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