zondag 25 mei 2014

OUTFIT | Leather Full Skirt For Spring

Skirt | Vintage Per Kilo
Top | Divided by H&M
Sandals | Chie Mihara
In February I was invited by Zizzi Fashion to Copenhagen.
There is where I learned of this quote.
And yes, I agree 100%. 
It is such a powerful affrimation.
 I hope you repeat this at your mirror image 
everytime you have a 'I-can't-wear-this-because' crisis.

Wearing bad ass sunglasses and something leather (faux is also possible)
may help you with the attitude though.
Fashion can be your accessory to your personality.
And we can be, whatever we want. 
I must have tapped in my terminator godess  ego this day. 

Who is your fashion ego?
"Hasta la vista, baby."

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  1. Oehhh super leuke outfit en je makeup is echt prettay!! x



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