vrijdag 25 april 2014

WEHKAMP | Be An Art Director For A Day

Tuesday I was invited by the wehkamp team to attend a bloggersevent in their photo studio. 
We were picked up by the PR team at the train station. 

When we arrived there was this table beautifully set with our name written on small cards. We got a presentation of the company WEHKAMP while nibbling on some delicious sandwiches.  After our lavish lunch we got a tour in the photo studio. Yes, clothes, accessories, shoes, models, photrgraphers, MUA and more. I felt like a little kid in a candy store. But the best was yet to come (I was looking forward to this part): we were assigned a model and would be art directors for a day. So you got to choose the styling, the hair, the make-up. You were in charge of the compilation of an image. Very exciting and not as easy as you may think. The most difficult part was to explain my vision to the model and to capture the moment on camera. This was a great exercise for me due to my assignment at Fashion Academy. In a couple a weeks I must be my own art director for a well-known Dutch fashion brand. So playing around at Wehkamp sure gave me some ideas. 
But enough talking and let me show you how the day went down. 

Outfit I
Top - Skinny Jeans | Wehkamp OWN 
Bag | Mango  
Sunglasses | Ray Ban
Outfit II
Top | Vanilia
Skinny Jeans | Wehkamp OWN 
Necklace-Clutch-Flats | Sacha

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  1. Leuk Nefferth! Jij komt op heel leuke plaatsen! En je doet erg mooie dingen! Love it!

    1. Dank je Conni. Ik geniet ook van de kansen en probeer dat zoveel mogelijk met jullie te delen :)


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