donderdag 10 april 2014

Shop My Closet in Vught

Yes, finally I'm facing reality and cleaning out my closet. 
I've dreaded this day for months now. 
Just the thought of organising and selecting all my clothes and shoes, 
was not (I do repeat, NOT) on my to-do list. 
So when fellow blogger Els suggested 
to organise a 'shop my closet' event with other Dutch curvy bloggers, 
I knew I had no more excuse.
To give you an impression of what I'm selling at bargain prices, 
I made a short video and took some styled up pictures. 
Hope to see you in Vught. 

Classic Stripes Maxi Skirt
short dress bohemian loved rope
anna scholz summer coat
Kimono Denim Shorts
Polka Dots Top Shorts
Biker Jacket

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