woensdag 2 april 2014

Outfit | Teal Shift Dress

Recently -like so many others- my contract has been terminated due to the financial crisis. Although I've always seen my job as a stepping stone into the fashion industry, I couldn't help feeling 'lost' for a while. As you work closely with collegues, you engage in building relationships whether it be solely for the purpose of prospering the business or beyond work boundaries. For a minute there I didn't know which route to go. Suddenly my age (40 is looking closer everyday) felt like a disadvantage in a time where the job market is overflowed with eager 20-somethings employees. Ofcourse I have more experience and a great level of expertise. But with all this knowledge comes a price tag, many small companies simply can't afford to pay. So began my dilemna: Do I stay practical and forget my dream to work in fashion? Or do I stick with my gut feeling and follow my heart? 

teal shift dress
Teal Shift Dress 

Naturally I did what every sane unemployed-to-be adult would do, I started searching for similar or equivalent jobs. Suddenly reliving my broke student years did not seem as ideal. Even if it meant NOT loving what I do, NOT following my heart or dream. I realized that I also loved my house and the level of comfort  I achieved over the years of hard work. Trading this sense of security basically scared the living daylights out of me. So what now? 
Going back and forth with making lists of pros and cons, I knew deep in my heart the only way I would be happy was to choose what would make ME happy. Even if my choice meant, taking a greater risk. Basically a greater leap of FAITH. "A reality of what I hope for, the proof of what I don't see". And yes, as by April 1st I'm leaping into the for me unknown -but exciting- world of freelancing. Selling my work or services by the hour/day/task, rather than working on a regular fixed income basis for one employer. 

teal shift dress
monochrome coat
monochrome coat
Have you ever taken a great leap of Faith before? 
Do share, I want to know your story...

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  1. Yes, I took that leap 6 years ago. I worked at an advertising agency and quit my job to pursue a career in styling. It was difficult, especially in the beginning, because it's hard to start something new. I had to get used to working all alone with no colleagues and I had to find a schedule that worked for me. Now, 6 years later, I style, I blog and I design again and I hope I never ever have to work for a boss again. Feeling free and doing something I love gives me so much joy and the successes make me feel so much better because I did it on my own!
    So good luck to you Nefferth and I believe that if you work with passion it will all come together! Love Els x

  2. You're looking gorgeous dear, and you're almost 40? Amazing! Well, yes, I have surely taken a giant leap of faith several times--I used to be a menswear designer and own a shop, but went into a totally different direction just before the recession. I am still in fashion, but got into more of the business side of things, although I do miss doing fashion shows, etc. But, I still freelance on the side, which I love! I am quite happy with my choice and will continue to be steadfast, and hope that the "dream job" or at least somewhat close to it will arise in the near future. It's scary and difficult to take the plunge sometimes, but when you know what you want it makes it worthwhile. I'm certain you will be brilliant at whatever you do, you have the tenacity and zeal for success. Happy spring to you!


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