donderdag 17 april 2014

Outfit | The Girlfriend Denim Jeans

Last blogpost I mostly talked about taking a leap of faith by chasing my dreams. The choice of doing what I love -and not just what I like-, inspired me to revamp my wardobe. Actually I'm inclined to declutter and get rid of many items (with sale tags on them, shame on me). I've been reading up on how-to blogs on developping a minimalist wardrobe. One of the best tips I've read so far, was to organise your capsule wardrobe in different practical themes. 

One of my favorite blogs talks about a 'modular approach to building outfits'.  
Basically after breaking down your closet in two piles: 
like = toss/give away/sale & love = keep. 
You can now arrange your closet in different sections -see illustration above-. 
For this post I didn't wear exclusive love items - yup, I cheated already
nevertheless I'm going to stick to this whole detoxing my closet. 
So I'm keeping the jeans, bag, scarf and flatforms, tossing the rest.
dyanne demim jeams
monki knit scarf

Scarf | Monki 
Jeans | DYANNE+
Blazer & Bag | Thrifted 
Shirt & Flatforms | H&M
How do you approach your closet and personal style?
Do you go on a detox binch like moi 
or indulge in all your goodies?
Share your views.

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  1. I love this approach! And it comes in handy at just the right time!

  2. This is so surprising, my closet is also divided themes. that's how I've been taught from home. Always taught that's how everyone did it. who knew it's an actual thing.

    1. You should write a blogpost or book. I know so many women that struggle with 'what to wear' on a daily basis.

    2. Thanks for the tip. I may have good organisational skills but I also struggle with 'what to wear' as I still am learning 'what to buy' due to my love/hate relationship with shopping. We live, we learn


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