woensdag 9 april 2014

30PLUSSTYLE | Tulle Tutu Skirt The Curvy Woman's Way

Last challenge we translated Spring colors into outfits. This time around we are taking on the tutu skirt. I admit that this challenge had me scratching my head you know? I believe in wearing what YOU love. No rules in style. But a tutu skirt at 38? Hmmm, I wasn't sure. To tell you the truth I was afraid I would look like this toddler (cute as a pie for sure) but not for me. Thank God for Pinterest and the power of Google, which helped me shape my idea. So if you want to know how I got this tutu business down, I suggest you scroll down and take a look. 

toddler tutu skirt

source image

Tutu the Curvy Woman's Way
tulle midi skirt
Tulle Midi Skirt 
Tutu My Way =  getting some chambray, 
holographic lace up shoes in the mix so I give 
my Tutu skirt a more rough yet polished feel. 
Monki Lace Up Shoe
Tulle Midi Skirt | H&M (XL)
Chambray Top | Primark (Men Large)
Lace Up Shoes | Monki  Mia
Silver Clutch | Vintage Per Kilo

Would you wear a tutu skirt? 

Please check out my fellow bloggers interpretation of the Tutu/Tulle Skirt:

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  1. I have a puffy tulle skirt but I want one like this one

    1. I understand. Puffiness is not my thing either. Try H&M, every year they bring out an edition.

  2. Good job, lady! I love the pics and the angles which they were taken!

  3. I love this look!! It is totally practical for day to day wear :)) I need a skirt like this one for the office!


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