woensdag 5 februari 2014

Zizzi Fashion Event : Accept No Rules

It's been a while since I've posted on Mode Plus. Yes, I'm still in Fashion school. But I had to share this experience with you. Last weekend I was invited with three other Dutch bloggers, Els, Edith and Dionne to attend Zizzi's Curvy Fashion Freestyling Show. Basically I heard of this Danish brand, on their blogger event in the Netherlands last year. I thought I knew all the plussize, fashionable brands out there. I was wrong. My curvy ladies meet Zizzi and get ready to be zizzified!

Basically Zizzi is on a mission to revolutionize our way of looking at fashion and being plussize or curvy. Their philosophy can be summarized in their own quote:

How cool is that? I have to agree with this statement. Fashion is all about having fun and experiment. How refreshing to have a plussize brand also stimulating this message. It was also tangible at the fashion show. The energy was up, the models looked remixed and not matched -big plus-. For once I felt it was all about celebrating womanhood and our love for fashion. Big thumbs up for Zizzi and their whole team for making this weekend possible. 
Photo credit | Press Ball Group 

Ps: will be sharing more Zizzi fun in another post soon. Thank you for staying with me <3 span="">

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  1. Absolutely; no one can define your style which is all about confidence and why I designed my Venus Cow collection for real women with curves. We are a social enterprise and filling the gap with quality and comfortable staples. No more shortage of cool options for plus size.

  2. This sounds great Shirley. Will have a look on your website.


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