zondag 7 april 2013

Sunday Post 22 | When Grateful Share It

I can wait till the end of the year to make a recapitulation of things I feel proud  about. Or I can savor the moment and share it. Indeed, I choose the latter option. When I started my blog I was in such a defeated place in my life. No sense of perspective or purpose, feeling broken. In not a million years I thought sharing personal style pictures would one day let me be featured in an esteemed Dutch newspaper with 3 other celebrated talented women: 
Edith of Style Has No Size, Mayra Louise and Afagh from Blush Bubbles.
The section is a special about curvy women rising upin the fashion world. What I like is the different approaches. Four different women who all have their own take on fashion, but embrace the same mission: it all starts with self-love. And having my blog as a platform not only to share personal style but also as an advocate to embrace YOU no matter your size is just beyond my dreams. I thank God. I thank you, the reader, coming to Mode Plus to read, to get inspired, to partake in discussion. 

 Let's all contribute to a more diversified world, 
where we wear our clothes and don't let our clothes wear us. 

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    Have a fantastic Sunday.

  2. Which newspaper which date. Need to look for a copy :)

  3. Gorgeous! A massive congrats to you love! xxxoo/Madison :-)

  4. This is AWESOME Nefferth!! You are such an inspiration!

  5. Top Nefferth! Goed hoor! Ik ben trots op jou!

  6. Wow!!! Rise girl rise! TOP gedaan!


  7. Nefferth, Congratulations!!!!
    I don't know how I miss this post but better later than never.
    I'm so happy for you because you have a purpose and a clear vision of yourself and when I read your post I know that you have self-love and love for others as well.


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