vrijdag 22 maart 2013

AX Paris Curve PU Leather Skirt Part Three

I don't know where it all came of all of a sudden, but I've been seeing cropped tops everywhere. Maybe we can blame all the American Apparel advertorials. Although I like - and know this style from way back when - it is hard not to go all Madonna Lucky Star with this trend. 

This outfit is a little out of my comfort zone.  I rarely show this much skin, not because I'm ashamed of my curves. It is the opposite, I am proud of them. That doesn't mean I show them continuously. I prefer to leave some mistery if possible. So this look I would really rock with a date night out with my man. 

The PU Leather Skirt is available here.

So would you do cropped top?
How, when, where, why, tell me I want to know.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. No cropped top for me. After 3 children I totally look like a zebra. A curved zebra.

  2. Nefferth, I haven't wore a crop top since the late 80's.
    I love you take on the trend, you look sexy, elegant and a bit of an inner-Frida Kahlo as well. Also your accessories are amazingly cool!

  3. I would never wear cropped because it's way way out of my comfort zone, bare legged is already on the edge for me :) But you look great and I love the color of your skin, but you already know that ;)


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