woensdag 14 november 2012

Mode Plus Mix: Barococo

Lately plus size brands have been stepping up their game. I see more and more commercial brands translating F/W trends to their collections. One huge trend on the runway was the dance of baroque and rococo influences. Think lavish details, rococo-inspired prints, lace galore and decadent embroidery. Few of my favorites: Etro and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Baroque pour les Curvettes

Baroque pour les Curvettes van modeplus met yves saint laurent
I went: Googah! when I saw this on the New Look Inspire website. Yes, yes, yes!
Asos Curve better watch their back, 
because they are not the only ones in the business anymore. 

What do you think of this trend?
Would you rock it?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I am and love Baroque 100%, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh wonderful

  2. I love these trend, I looking for a velvet and gold details jackets or jeans but I don't found them yet.

    PD: If you could get the size L maybe it fits you because is so oversize I wore a size M.

  3. i like the trend, its pretty and classy. love the outfit you put together at the end! best accessories ever! :)



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