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Sunday Post 18: A woman's worth

BY now, we al have seen and broadly commented on these two campaigns, right? When I searched for the principle behind both campaigns, only Dove seemed to have a clear statement on their campaign site: "to celebrate the natural physical variation embodied by all women and inspire them to have the confidence to be comfortable with themselves". I've read posts (negative and positive) about these campaigns. Victoria Secret's using the predominated look in mainstream fashion to promote self-love and body-acceptance. On the other hand Dove choosing to incorporate certain body types and ethnicities to promote their cause. Notice I'm saying certain? Why? I don't see any Victoria Secret's look-a-like models in the Dove campaign. I'm sure the marketing team had their reasons not to include "thinner" looking models. I guess as long as we are living in a class society, where your individual worth is determined by your social-economical position, we'll have these social boxes. You're either in the Victoria Secret's team or you feel more inclined to the Dove team. 

Danish plus size fashion brand Carmakoma has a slogan, Attitude Is Everything. 
According to the dictionary, attitude is"the way a person views something or tends to behave towards it, often in an evaluative way"Let your attitude define your worth, not your social position or your size.

Top | H&M
Blazer | Thrifted 
Trousers | Forever21+
Flats | Primark 
Index Finger Ring | Forever21
Black Ring | Monki 
Nails | Catrice Caught On The Red Carpet 
What defines your worth?

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  1. I agree, it's strange for Dove not to include the smaller sizes. It does create this us vs them situation, as you say, which is not helpful. I haven't heard of the VS campaign, but it seems strange to me when they are showing such unattainable bodies. I mean no one looks like that, not even the models themselves!

    1. With all these photoshopping, it's hard for me to disguise real from unreal anymore. And yes, I wish we stopped the us versus them movement too, especially under women. It's so unproductive and time consuming.

  2. yeah attitude is deffinitely a big part of it. people forget that words are just words and that actions actually make the real difference, but most people just love to talk with out anything to back it up with so i agree, attitude is deffinitely key in being zen with yourself because you know you aren't lieing to yourself if you act towards the way you feel about things.

    great post! you look amazing in that mustard blazer! i love it.


    1. Yeah, I work on my attitude daily. For there are days I don't feel that great about myself or anything in particular.

  3. Great post! I kind of have to laugh at VS because it's the skinny typical VS models that not many women can relate to. I've loved the Dove campaign. Even though it made have been strategically planned, I think the women look more real and relatable. Women who are size 0 tend to be a little more free in showing off their bodies and Dove says women who are size 12 should be just as comfortable.

    Love your ring ;)

    1. Female consumers aren't just following any advertisements any longer. So these "real" campaigns must be careful not to get the consumer against them. I agree that Dove made an effort to show more every day women.

  4. you are so beautiful. love your jacket.

    the VS campaign is so ironic when juxtaposed against the dove one. great post.

    sarah rose

    1. Thank you Sarah! Just wanted to give something to think about.

  5. I entirely agree, it is about your attitude, regardless of your size, race, ethnicity or size in this case. I also think that the quote can be applied to so many things ... "Attitude is everything ..." how we look at our days, career, respond to certain situations, etc. I liked the Dove campaign, as it is more relatable. Would have also been good to do some shorter, taller, and thin, slender,etc., as well, since everyday woman to me means diverse, all in different sizes and shapes. I love your jewellery too! xxoo ~M

    1. I like that more and more designers/brands/fashion influentials are taking time to aknowledge the diversity within the human race and translating it to campaigns or even their collections. We still got a long way to go but I'm happy to see we are moving.


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