zondag 29 juli 2012

Sunday Post 18 | Where have you been?

You're not the only ones wondering where I've been? My offline friends are asking the same question. No, I haven't moved to Timboektoe. Just been juggling a fulltime job with side projects and trying to have a normal social life. Before I start feeling "guilty" for not blogging regularly-keeping my house Bree tidy-commenting on other blogs-updating all my  online channels (see links left above), let ME stop. I don't know how it works, maybe it's  our hormone system? Women have the tendency of feeling guilty. For having success, for being busy, for -fill in whatever reason we women come up with-, well in this post I'll make a change. I don't fell guilty for being MIA on Mode Plus. Yes, I've been busy. Could I have managed my time better. Perhaps?! Still my time is my time and I'll do with it whatever I want. Okay, this post suddenly sounds like a mini rant. Honestly I'm not. Ranting. You know what I'm heading to right? Just because time is lacking and you don't fit all the goals you've set, doesn't mean you failed or have to feel guilty about it. 

starting Fashion school in September 
 was obsessed with this updo, such an easy hairstyle
am already shopping for the F/W 2012 trends 
can proudly say I am a regular contributor for Madison Plus 
 am enjoying juicing fruits/veggies/nuts/fill in your preferred food
 got featured on @naturalhairdaily with this look
wearing dark flowered patterns, african dashiki's, 
olive green wide leg trousers and up-the-amp lipstick 
am getting more comfortable before the camera, see my last video post

Where have you been? Share your thoughts!

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