zondag 1 juli 2012

Sunday Post 17 | Lucky Star

Retrospect of my week:

- survived a 12 hour drive from Rotterdam to Paris and back due to some cucumber mask
- can't believe I just did a photo shoot with Velvet d'Amour 
- rocked some of my favorites trends in one outfit : sheer, mint color and horizontal stripes
- apparently y'all chose the golden rope necklace from Monki : will rock this look soon!
- decided to document my hairstyles on my FB fanpage Mode Plus
- got a surprise salute from my sister of another mother, miss Anika herself, love ya <3
- my Birthday roses are still alive and kicking 
- will leave you with some wise words from Steve Jobs 

6 opmerkingen:

  1. You're so feeaking gorgeous Nefferth!! I wish Paris was just a 12 hour drive away. Both necklaces are fab, so I can't wait to see how you wear it. Thanks for the wise words dear!

    1. Ahw, you're so sweet Rocquelle. I was glad I made the trip, but it was tiring :/, I ain't in my 20's nomo. Will have to get inspired by your Instafeed for some cool/chic combinations.

  2. WOw, you are really beautiful, I saw your face full of cucumbers on my bloglovin and started to laugh lol. Anyway you have gorgeous skin!! I love your hair color as well.

    1. Thnx dear, I wasn;t feeling waking up so early though (3a.m) Glad u liked the bathroom look ;D


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