dinsdag 8 mei 2012

Recreate The Look Tuesday

Introducing new series in May, where I collaborate with fellow fashion lover Megan on InstagramFirst look we recreating with pieces we currently own - no additional buying is allowed here- just a creative mind and the ressources we've got, are the cropped pants worn à la Jessica Alba. 

I'm not that all happy with the outcome. I tried bringing some color in my own outfit (sheer top), but it didn't cover the fuschia accent in Jessica's outfit. I didn't own a fuschia blazer and I felt that I've outworn my coral, red and yellow ones. So I decided to spice up the look. Instead of going for color, I went for toughness hence the biker jacket. 
 Sheer Top | H&M
Biker Jacket | Thrifted @episodeonline
Cropped Pants | H&M +
Loafers | @BetsyPalmerNL
Nails | Essence My Boyfriend's Jeans 
Moustache Ring | @Ydeltuyt 

Go check out @megreed42 interpretation of Jessica Alba cropped pants look. 
How would you style cropped pants?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I have bought 2 pairs of cropped trousers recently and I have to say I am surprised! suprised how they slim my figure! so far I have been wearing them with ballerina shoes. let me check your friend's outfit!

    1. They sounds wonderful. I think heels would also look great with some pointy LV shoes ;)

  2. I think you did a great job, i love the leather jacket with the shoes! the sheer top looks great on those pants and the mustache ring is just great! looking great! :)


    1. Ahw, thnx Anita! Wasn't feeling my A game in this post. We'll see next Tuesday what gives ;)


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