zondag 15 april 2012

Sunday Post 11

Easter weekend just passed by like that, I can't believe the days are going so fast. Is it me or does it seem that every year the time passes faster ?! I skipped one Sunday post just to chill and enjoy some good quality Easter time. Sometimes you have to get offline to enjoy and appreciate life. 

The little things I've enjoyed offline:

  • a good cup fo coffee and fresh made carrot cake
  • tried nail art and failed, so I used glitter nail polish to cover my mistake 
  • started a Mr. Big and Carrie marathon (I will never grow tired off this couple)
  • craved every single color of these dupe YSL arty rings *sigh* 
  • prepared for a photo shoot I'm styling 
  • finished a video project for a + model friend of mine (Mireille Bruin)
  • went to a vintage/lifestyle in Rotterdam #swanmarket 
  • wrote my first guestpost for @KimberleeVDW
  • started cleaning my shoe closet
 Source: @ydeltuyt

How do you spend your quality time? 
Online, offfline or both?


2 opmerkingen:

  1. What a lovely group of things to occupy your offline world! I often fail at my nail art attempts too, lol. In my offline time, I relax, go to school and do homework, work on my new business, spend time with my boyfriend and take care of my niece and nephew. I'm headed to check out your guest post!

    1. Sounds like fun things to do too. Can't wait for you to share more of your business adventure.


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