donderdag 15 maart 2012

Through thick and thin

I'm sure if you're a curvy (full figured or plus size, choose a label you feel most comfortable with) fashion lover that by now you have heard of the term "straight size" shopping. When I discovered that I could actually shop at a store without extended sizes, my shopping world became instantly bigger. It is just the way you look at things. For instance, my friend is petite and small. She's been shopping for years in the children department, successfully. Okay, I admit it would be much easier if I could get clothes in one shop preferably from small to larger sizes. Unfortunately that day hasn't arrived yet, so let's get creative and do some straight size shopping.

 This skirt from H&M is in a size XL. I wear it as a midi and even as a maxi skirt sometimes. I just pull the skirt to end of my hips. If I could have this model in every color of the rainbow, I would. It's such an easy piece to dress up and down. Do you have pieces you've bought in another department than you're accustomed to? 

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