zondag 25 maart 2012

Sunday Post 9

This week I tried  making more ootd video's. The first one showing neutral ruffles with a hint of soft pink. Pastels aren't really flattering for my skintone, it makes me look ashy. That doesn't mean I don't rock the pastel trend. I'll try bottoms (like this skirt) and accessories. 
Neon on the other hand works very well for me. I'm planning on buying some neon tights soon. And in my next thrift shopping adventure I hope to find some neon pieces. Fingers crossed. 

Talking about thrifting, on my day off I decided to do some good old fashioned thrift search.
And oh my, what gems did I encounter. I forgot how it felt when you find an on-trend piece but with a thrift price. So sweeeet!!!

Did you find an amazing piece during a thrift shopping adventure lately?
Do share?!

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