zondag 18 maart 2012

Sunday Post 8

The week started of with a sunny day, enjoying coffee with my sweetheart. Having a day off , wearing my costume made boyfriend jeans short. Actually these we're boyfriend jeans I bought too big for me on Asos Curve. I decided to cut them et voilà: jeans shorts in two seconds. 

What I've enjoyed the most is going stud maniac on two basic pieces of my wardrobe:

  1. a black buttoned shirt
  2. black wedges

And you know what? I surprised myself tremendously. I think this DIY project may become a more of a regular hobby of mine. Today I started with my Evans jacket studdifying project. Hopefully I can show the results before the end of this month. It really doesn't have to take this much time but as I'm still a DIY newbie, I tend to take my time. 

Do you have any DIY projects to share with me? 
Or tips of great DIY blogs that I can follow?

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