zondag 4 maart 2012

Sunday Post 6

Last week I've added two of my most coveted pieces for this year. 

  • a red skinny jean. And I mean, really skinny. Not that *fake* skinny you get promised on some plus size brands website (y'all curvy ladies know what I'm talking about).

  • some kind of platforms. Once more, Monki did not disappoint but delivered when most needed. When I saw these models, I had to buy them. They walk like sneakers and give me the height that I want. I can work a full day in these shoes, how amazing.

I've also started a sewing project as you can see in this picture below.  

Well actually it's more like an adventure. I've never sewn before in my life. Okay  to be honest in primary school during crafting classes, I learned how to handle a thread and needle. It took me weeks to get the thread through the needle though. Uhuh, that's how much talent I've got for it.  I was so glad when craft class wasn't mandatory anymore. Now I regret not paying more attention during those days. But hey, we learn from our past transgressions and move on. So with much bravure I'm taking the plunge on making my own clothes. Who knows where this adventure will take me?

Have you taken any unlikely steps lately? 
What adventures/projects are you working on the moment? 
Share your thoughts!

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