woensdag 1 februari 2012

Accessory Love

 If you're wondering what on earth this post is about, I swear it's about fashion. 

According to history books, we aren't sure when the wooden clogs first appeared on the fashion scene, but most historians agree that the Middle Ages as a starting point. Wooden clogs, mostly worn by peasants and land workers, we're of course made out of practical reasons. It was a luxury to even own shoes back in those days. Only the elite had the privilege to have warm feet. So it's quit brilliant that these shoes we're invented out of  carved wood. But walking on wood, is a new way of walking though.

When I first got these booth clogs, it hurt my feet like no other. To relief the hard wood I ended up buying some wool shoe soles et voilà -> heaven on earth. Now they fit like bedroom slippers. I'm so in love with them, that I'm getting the same style in a neutral color.  Perfect for SS12. 

So I've been wearing the black version all week. If you follow me on Instragram, you see the many versions I try to create with these clogs. For this post I wanted to share my love for my go to accessory pieces this winter. Here they are:

the clog boots, on sale @BetsyPalmer and my ASOS Curve PU panel leggings 
 Faux Fur Stole | H&M
 XL Shopper | H&M
 Statement necklace Aztec | Monki 
 Leopard clutch | H&M
Do you have any favorite accessory pieces this winter?

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