zondag 19 februari 2012

Sunday Post 4

Two weeks ago I was inspired by my long awaited Xmas present from UK blogger Madison aka ladyofashion from Fashion Tales: a customized shawl with a beautiful pattern with the colors grey, magenta, rust and black.

In addition on getting inspired, I wanted to try out something new. Meaning setting up all my wardrobe choices for a whole week. This was a first for me and will be the last too. By the third outfit choice I felt limited in my freedom to wear what I wanted. You are an Emotionista or you're not, right? In the near future no more planning out all my outfits. That's just not for me. 

Last week attending Curves on the Catwalk inspired me to get more ladylike and feminine with my outfits. Until I got a major cold and didn't post all my pictures, but at least I have a few to share with you. 

 Got to meet lovely blogger and stylist Afagh Morrowatian.
 On Vday I was surprised with a heart shaped cheese sandwich 
and a personalized image on Instagram.
 Valérie of Blog to be alive commented on this composition, stating my outfit looked like Wonder Woman's colors. How cool to be compared to an awesome action figure heroine?!
By the end of the week, I wanted something more subtle with some bling.
So do you plan your outfits in advance or 
are you more like an Emotionista dresser like me?

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  1. Oh my you stole my heart in that last outfit!! I too am an emotionista, so power too you my dear for wearing a week of planned outfits!


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