zondag 5 februari 2012

Sunday Post 3

Last week was all about mixing (yellow undertoned) neutrals with a hint of color. It was quit a challenge to post ootd's due to the (very) cold weather. It's been some years now, but finally the Netherlands is experiencing a cold wave. My challenge was to be practical (read: warm, warm, warm, I repeat: warm!!) and look stylish at the same time. A task I might say, that ain't easy at all. For instance, wearing my pumps in the snow, may be stylish but practical not so much. Or making my summer shorts and chinos into winter attire. At some point not even the thickest tights can't hold off the cold. Nevertheless I saw, I came and kind of conquered. If this winter keeps getting colder I might budge for practicability over style after all.

 Monki knits | Evans trousers | Primark sheer top

Generous top for Lindex | Forever21+ skinny jeans | H&M Accessories 
H&M+ top | Evans chino trousers | Primark sheer top and faux pearls
Grandpa green blazer (thrifted) | New Look sheer top | M&S Mode camel shorts | Loafers @BetsyPalmerNL
Any tips how to dress stylish and practical in extreme cold weather?
Do share!

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  1. Living in the southern part of the U.S., I'm not exactly an expert on dressing for cold weather, but I adore how you've embraced the cold! I just love the outfit with the shorts and blazer!!!


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