dinsdag 7 februari 2012

Fur Real

I finally got a way to mix my faux fur stole with my wardrobe without feeling too pretentious. 
Although I really like this accessory piece, to my opinion it isn't as versatile as I would like.
For instance can you imagine wearing this stole during summer? The thought alone makes me break into sweat in minus 1 degrees (current temperature while typing this post). The half of what I own I can make it transition into various seasons. Like this sheer top and black blazer, you have seen many times on Mode Plus. I just wear layers and a firmly warm coat. So having this stole on not knowing (yet) how to wear it in other seasons, makes it tricky for me to keep. Who knows it will end up on my Mode Plus sale page. Which I must still create, not sure if anyone would want to buy something from my wardrobe. 

Do you own any faux fur items? How do you wear them? 

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