donderdag 16 februari 2012

Curves on the Catwalk III

La beauté est une source inépuisable de joie pour celui qui sait la décrouvrir
Alexis Carrel 

This French quote from research doctor, bioligist and Nobel price winner Alexis Carrel caught my eye the other day. Instantaneously it made me think about what is considered beautiful in the mainstream fashion world. Although many designers have defied the standard format (size zero heroine chic looking models) by using curvier models or even models in their 40's to showcase their collection, sadly this attempt is just a one time deal. As swiftly we see a change on the runway or editorials just as quickly this change is reversed back into what we've been seeing for years. When I adress this state of mind with the women I know, I hear one common request: more diversity in the fashion industry. For advocators like stylist/blogger Edith it means catering to a forgotten group, she calls the Inbetweenies. Women who are too big for straight size fashion but are too small to fit the plus size version. For others it is focusing on shorter women. Not all of us are 5"10. And of course you have the plus size group (being a proud "member" myself) with a love for fashion but a small representation of their size on the runway. I'm sure I can fill this whole post with a list of groups who feel excluded from the fashion industry as we know it. Nevertheless I want to emphasize on something mrs Anna Scholz told me that night: women have a voice!! And they speak out. A recent example was when Adele responded to mister Largerfeld in a way he had no choice but to apologize. Whether we use our voice in events like Curves on the Catwalk, discussion panels or in magazines, let's try to include and not exclude each other. 

Dutch models Mayra  aka super curls and Danielle aka smizing fiercely, 
blogger/stylist Hermina posing with her personal heroAnna Scholz 
and blogger/graphic designer Els in an Anna Scholz dress (yayza!!). 
 Free spirited Betty and aspiring model Astrid. 
Pretty hostess Shirley and fashionista's avant la lettre Eva and Meryem. 
Edith just realized what she and the models accomplished that night.
I'm proud of you all!!

Referring back to the quote that inspired this post 
Beauty is an inexhaustible source of joy for those who are able to discover it.
When you come to a place where you can see that beauty is no longer reserved for certain statistics, measurements, social position or outer appearance, in that place you'll discover  joy. I applaud every effort where women are being celebrated in their uniqueness, where they have a voice and speak freely without boundaries. Most importantly accept themselves so they can respect other points of view. If you're small, you're small. If you're bigger, you're bigger. If you're inbetween, you're inbetween. Know your worth and act accordingly. 

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