maandag 2 januari 2012

A new year, a new beginning

I can't believe how fast 2011 has passed and that I'm actually typing my 201th post on Mode Plus today. I'm not really the one to make resolutions and these past months I've learned to live more in the moment. So I'm not setting up a long list of goals for 2012, instead I'm carpe diem-ing. For me it means, acting on the spot and being productive. One of the changes you may have noticed, is the design of Mode Plus. I've decided to stick with Blogger after all. The banner is courtesy of @iSteef  which also happens to make my fashion illustrations on tumblr, be my parttime photographer and last but not least be my lovely hubby and best friend. He's more a behind-the-scenes kind of guy. So for him to actually let me post this outfit (styled by yours truly), is a major step.

Clothes | H&M 
Shoes | Invito 

Do you style clothes for friends/relatives or partners? 

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I love that you're carpe dieming!! How nice of him to come from behind the scenes :-).

  2. Isn't he sweet for doing this? @Rocquelle.

  3. I was thinking to move out from blogger too but after some research I am still with.
    and I have made some little changes too in my blog.
    we are lucky to have partners that help and support us ;-) mine takes almost all of my pictures and I am so grateful for that.

    keep on blogging darling!

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette

  4. O Wow! I love your header!
    En superleuk om te horen dat je aan het Cape-Dieming bent gegaan :-)
    Veel plezier en ik lees graag mee, xoxo

  5. Aww that's nice of him to let you style him :)

  6. @Kimberlee: he's the sweetest yes!
    @lievemiekjuh: het is wel wennen dat Carpe Diemen :)
    @Ylenia: I don't know why I wanted to move in the first place.


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